Lockers are available to all students in Years 7-13, as required.  On entry into Year 7 and Year 12, there is the option to pay the locker rental via ParentPay. 

    If a locker is required during Years 8 -  11, a reduced rental rate is available. Please email to request a locker. She will arrange for it to be added to ParentPay and then issue the locker to the student on receipt of payment.

    Locker rates - 

    5 years (Year 7) - £42

    4 years (Year 8) - £35

    3 years (Year 9) - £28

    2 years (Year 10/12) - £21

    1 year (Year 11/Year 13) - £14


    Locker rental is reinvested into the upkeep of the lockers by the Friends of Bishop Ramsey (FBR), who finance and maintain them. The fee includes a returnable deposit of £5, if the original key/padlock is returned at the end of Year 11/Year 13. 

    If a student loses their locker key, or forgets the combination to their padlock, a replacement should be paid for on ParentPay and they should see Mrs Jenkins in WG05, with a copy of the receipt, to collect it.