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    Technology – always changing

    Many parents find keeping up to date with children’s use of technology challenging. Knowing the trends in children’s use of technology and the kind of environment they are immersed in is critical to giving them the right advice and guidance in a timely and age-appropriate way.
    The internet is an ever-growing tool for accessing resources and information and due to this there has been an increase in its use. More and more people are accessing the Internet everyday for a whole range of information and services. One key group who are accessing the Internet are children.  They use the Internet as a way of sourcing information to help them complete homework and coursework but also to meet and chat with people online and share experiences and resources.
    However, the Internet is an un-moderated source of information and as such there are a variety of websites that are unsuitable for children. Because ‘children’ range from 5 – 18 years old there are obviously websites that are suitable to be viewed by older children and not suitable for younger ones but there needs to be a way of moderating the information and resources that children can access.  These recommended websites will help you to understand the key issues in e-safety and help you deal with issues as they arise with your child.
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    Digital Parenting Magazine

    The Digital Parenting Magazine is an online safety guide for families, helping millions of families get to grips with the digital world.

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    The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) website is a useful source of help and advice on internet safety matters for all ages of children and parents/carers.    Click here for a link to their Safety Centre.