School Life


    Our curriculum is based on        John 10:10. 'I have come that they may have life and have it in all its fullness'. For us, this means that we ensure that all the learning activities we offer our students contribute to one or more of the three pillars of:

    Learning so that every learner is an empowered learner and every lesson is an excellent lesson

    Loving so that every day at school is a rich experience and every relationship is a positive encounter

    Living so that students learn to look outwards to the world and beyond to God

    The diagram shown displays what this means and how we achieve it.

    Our School Development Plan, subject curriculum maps and learning journeys ensure that everything we do contributes to the growth in Learning, Loving and Living of our students.

     Termly Plans

    Please click below to view the termly plans for each subject. For more detailed programmes of study, please click each subject heading on the menu bar.


    Our curriculum is delivered in 50 lessons per fortnight (five one hour lessons each day).

    Key Stage 3

    Our curriculum at KS3 is delivered to all students in Years 7, 8 and 9 and is the beginning of student's learning journey at Bishop Ramsey.


    During Year 9 students select the subjects they wish to follow at GCSE. In addition to continuing their journey with core subjects, students choose four other subjects from a list of those already studied as well as new ones, eg. Sociology.  The Year Director works closely with the students and parents to ensure good choices are made and there is the opportunity to personalise the curriculum to allow students more support for English and Mathematics as well as other lessons.

    Sixth Form

     In the Sixth Form, most students begin with four A' Levels in Year 12 enabling greater choice.  During the first term the majority of students drop one subject enabling them to focus their efforts on three subjects for the final phase of their learning journey.

    Product Design


    Outside of the timetabled lessons, there are a number of extra curricular activities.  There are numerous clubs running most days after school as well as trips etc.  During the year, most faculties offer opportunities for students to be involved, ranging from visits to art museums, science competitions and talks from invited speakers.  There is an Enrichment Day at the end of the Summer Term.

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