School Life

    Access and Inclusion

    • Miss L Robinson – SENDCO and Head of Access & Inclusion Faculty
    • Mrs M Battle – Stretch, Challenge & Support Coordinator
    • Mrs S Clark – Access & Inclusion Manager
    • Mrs C Walford – HLTA
    • Mr J Wilcox – HLTA
    • Mrs J Geary – Access & Inclusion Faculty Administrative Assistant
    • Mrs J Livesley - Teaching Assistant & ELSA
    • Miss F De Cabo Gonzalez - Teaching Assistant
    • Miss A Dosanjh – Teaching Assistant
    • Miss S Cassim – Teaching Assistant
    • Mrs R James – Teaching Assistant
    • Mr S Marjanov- Teaching Assistant


    The aim of the Access and Inclusion Faculty is to ensure all students have full access to a broad and balanced education and that they are treated as individuals while considering their needs holistically.  At Bishop Ramsey the Access & Inclusion Faculty is headed up by the Head of the Access & Inclusion Faculty who is also our SENDCO.

    The team includes:

    • Stretch, Challenge and Support Coordinator
    • Access and Inclusion Centre Manager
    • Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs)
    • An Access & Inclusion Faculty Administrative Assistant
    • A team of Teaching Assistants (TAs)

    The team has a range of experienced and qualified staff who have had many years of practical experience in special educational needs. HLTAs and TAs are there to provide support in the teaching and learning of students with a range of needs. We are in privileged position of having a dyslexia specialist. Additionally, we have a TA trained as an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA).

    To support the individual needs of our students the Access and Inclusion Faculty works with a range of educational and medical professionals to support the academic and social progression of our students. This includes half termly consultation with an independent Educational Psychologist and regular contact with and referrals to independent diagnostic assessors. The Access and Inclusion Faculty also conducts joint planning with Visual & Hearing Impairment teams and Speech & Language Therapy.  Additionally, we work closely with our pastoral teams and “Place to Be” our in-house counselling service as well as CAMHs.

    The Access and Inclusion Faculty works in partnership with parents & carers and most importantly students so that they have a voice in the decision-making process. Empowering our students and supporting their self-esteem is paramount to the Access and Inclusion Faculty as we believe this is the first step to ensuring that they can thrive in their education and their lives beyond Bishop Ramsey.

    The School's Local Offer for Children with Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND) is available to view on our Policies page in the 'About Us' section of the website where you can also find our Inclusion Policy and SEN Information Report. Click here to open this page in another window.

    We welcome visits to discuss Special Educational Needs from as early as Year 4.

    Below please find some further information about local and external organisations who can support SEND and some useful learning resources. Please click on the appropriate tabs for more details.


    Please click here to view our Accessibility Plan