2011/2012 Summer Term

    28 parents attended the meeting on 12th June 2012 which was chaired by Mrs Denning, a parent governor.  Mrs Dimmock, Vice Chair of Governors, was also present.  Mr Wilcock (Head Teacher), Ms Gavaghan (Deputy Head Teacher), Mr Lunnon (Assistant Head Teacher) and Mr Peach (Head of Technology) represented the school.

    The Group discussed a wide range of topics. There was a presentation on Internet Safety by Mr Peach.  Mr Wilcock did a presentation and led a discussion on Portable Devices in School.  Mr Lunnon presented a Review of KS3 Homework.

    Feedback from parents who attended the Governors’ Communications Committee Meetings was very positive.

    There was also a very useful discussion on Uniform Reinforcement and the Sixth Form Dress Code.  Lost property, Monitoring Attendance, Prize Giving and Detentions were also discussed.

    Under “Any other Business” the following issues were raised:
    • Harrisons food sampling
    • Minute taker for 2012-13
    All of the above issues will be considered by the School’s Leadership Team and by the relevant Governors’ committees.

    The next meeting of the Parents’ Link Group will be held on Tuesday 2nd October 2012 at 7.30pm in the School Hall. There is no formal membership of the group and all parents/carers are welcome.