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    May 2018

    Summer is well and truly on its way and the sunshine has been enticing us all out to enjoy the brightness.

    But summer also means external exams, not just for Y11 and 13, but some Y12 and 10 students too. 

    It’s been a busy term so far, not just with exam preparation, coursework and revision in those few final weeks, but trips, sports and competitions also continue. Lent Week raised over £5000 for homeless charities, the school council have produced their first newspaper and the well-being group have been selling green ribbons to raise awareness of mental health issues.  Seeing Bishop Ramsey students so actively engaged in their community and finding ways to promote the values we share, really demonstrates their commitment to each other and to making the world a better place.


    ‘I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest’ John 10:10